Arlington Baptist College

Enriching the Mind, Inspiring the Heart

We are proud to support the Arlington Baptist College in Arlington, Texas.

Our Missionaries

Andy Briggs (Latvia)
Barbara Wimm (Mexico)
Bill Horton (Brazil)
Brad Hastings (New Mexico Indians)
Brian Powers (Missions at ABC)
Bryom Martin (Mexico)
Charles Bowen (Spanish speaking ministry)
Dale Brown (New Zealand)
David McDonald (Spain)
David Schembra (Mission Office)
David Smith (Quebec)
Dick Burdine (Cambodia)
Gary Bacon (Mexico)
Jack Hardy (Wales)
Jacques Alexandre (Haiti)
Johnny Horton (Brazil)
Kyron Horton (Brazil)
Mark McCutchen (Brazil)
Mike Lane (Hondourus)
Mike Starling (Mission Trips)
Stephen Byrd (Ecuador)
Tom Wheeler (Wales)
Tommy Raley (Mission Office)